Oh HI!  I'm Hannah!  I went from hating my body so much (see: crying on a public bus next to a total stranger because I could feel my "fat rolls" bulging out over my jeans) and CONSTANTLY obsessing about food, to feeling FREE, in control, and confident AF about my body and relationship with food.  I want to show you how. 

Check out this interview I did with my amazing friend Nancy where I shared my story about how I stopped dieting and started to eat like a normal human:


I am offering one-on-one coaching to help women break free from the dieting cycle. 

This coaching is perfect for you if...
You are constantly judging yourself and comparing your body or your progress to others
You are deep in the restrict/binge cycle and are SO READY to get out
You feel out of control around food (especially if you're around temptations or home alone)
You think about food all. the. time. 
You feel overwhelmed AF about all of the food "rules"
You know how you SHOULD eat, but can't seem to stick to it doing it on your own
You have 3 sizes of clothes in your closet depending on the season and HATE IT
You hate counting calories, you hate feeling restricted, and you hate the idea that you may have to give up having a life to follow a "diet plan"

How my coaching works...
We set up a 1 hour "discovery call" to talk about where you are at right now. What is your biggest struggle? What strategies have you tried so far? What are your goals? We finish the call with a PLAN.  

After our call, we will set up weekly check-in calls to celebrate the wins, navigate the road bumps, and have actions steps to make next week even better. I am your accountability buddy.  

Sign-up is initially for one month, and you will have the option to continue our check-ins on a month-by-month basis.

I freaking LOVE working with women through these struggles.  The last radiant woman I worked with for 3 months just sent me this testimonial and it makes my heart SO HAPPY:

Hannah's sane and balanced approach to nutrition and eating has changed the way I think about food for good. I came to Hannah needing meal plans and grocery lists to get me through a crazy busy period of life and school, with fat loss being a goal as well. Little did I know she'd help me understand my sugar demons, learn how to be kinder to myself, save on my grocery budget, and get me on the path to losing 30 lbs.

In the past, all of my fat-loss attempts left me feeling crazy, hungry or just deprived of the yummy things in life. Hannah's approach is different. We focused on all the amazing (and new!!) foods and recipes I could eat, and worked on adding more (more veggies, more healthy fats and even more veggies!) to my plate. - Catherine, 29, Boston.

If this sounds like your kinda thing, I would be super pumped to work with you.  To get started, you can sign up to for a 1-hour discovery call with me right here, and we will get you on your way to break FREE from the dieting trap and into a happy, healthy relationship with food and your body. 

Sign me up for our discovery call! 

Once I get the notification that you signed up (YAY), I will reach out and we will schedule our call!

Wahooooooooo!  Let's DO THIS.